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Shamanic Initiation

Foundation of Shamanism level I

We bless you upon the arrival to this portal

We invite you to enter a magical space of wide range Shamanic knowledge and wisdom that comes with this course.

A unique opportunity to find your own shamanic soul…


Dates:  2021-22 

Location: B Home sanctuary, Diamante valley, Costa Rica.

A 4 weeks course


 Divided into 4 elements


Each week will carry the energy of an element and the practices that are related to it


This course is designed by Orpheus B in order to deliver the most authentic teachings learned by many teachers and Shamans worldwide. It will lay a proper foundation to anyone who is interested in shamanic knowledge and have a deep calling to find his/her own shaman healer from within.


You will be part of a secluded group of special beings, all come to learn and expand their wisdom and connection to spirit and shamanic practices, with lots of Magic and surprises weaved in.

The course is limited to 5 students.

Meet your teacher:



orpheus profile Qigong.jpg

Lead magician

A healer of many modalities and a guide for life-path.

Orpheus has extensive experience as a Shamanic guide and Wisdom keeper. Facilitating sacred plant medicine ceremonies and working with the many healing modalities of the shamanic world. He combines his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine as well his skill as a land keeper and permaculturist into his course.

Course content:

  • You will learn about Shamanic power tools, smudging skills, Shamanic journey, Connect with your spirit Animal, working with the elements in nature, plant medicine and herbal medicine talk, making a dream weaver and other tools.

  • You will learn the power of prayer and intention and learn how to build a fire.

  • You will gain understanding in space holding, safety in rituals, enjoy sacred movement, learn sacred songs and play the drum, Be immersed in beautiful nature and the mystic environment that surrounds us each moment.

  • You will experience plant medicine ceremonies (Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Psylocybin mushrooms), sound healing journeys, Temazcal (sweat lodge), Cacao ceremony and more

This course will open a whole door into the magical world of Shamanism and the magic that can transform your life. 
One dream, one meditation, one vision or one insight, can change your life forever. 
You will benefit from practical experiences, receiving essential tools to use in your life, open your ability to dream, to pray, to communicate and find your own powers within.
We want to inspire you to connect to your true essence and learn how to operate from this heart-soul space, empowered self.
You will feel re-born, transformed and whole, at the end of the course.
The magic that is weaved in this course may bring you a new name, new identity, new understanding and lots of healing.

And if its a full body YESSS....

secure your place by sending your confirmation!

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